How to make the anonymity more effective with the

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Mixing of anonymity and transparency in the cryptocurrency makes possible for all users to control the work of the system. At the same time, they stay secure, because the system provides the high anonymity. You can make it more effective with the

The cryptocurrency in the global financial system

The limitations of the existing global financial system at a higher level possible only with the implementation of a certain technology. The goal is to introduce bitcoins into the existing system, which will allow different banking systems that are currency providers to manage revenues using methods without monopoly.

Their main idea is the abolition of the monopoly on printing money. The legislation of most countries clearly states that only the government and central banks are allowed to create and supply monetary resources. Banks still control the flow of money to a certain extent, but now they are moving into a competitive environment with other competing currencies.

The anonymity within the system

The system is based on the mixing of anonymity and transparency. Such mixing makes possible for all users to:

  • Control the work of the system
  • Stay secure and at the same time.

 crypto currency


The system provides the high anonymity, but you can work on it to make it even more effective with the

The bitcoin system nowadays

Bitcoin, perhaps, has the same value, although its main mechanism for ensuring predictable supply is somewhat different. Miners compete for obtaining a certain number of bitcoins – 21 million for 120 years. Starting from 10.5 million in the first 4 years, the supply of bitcoins is steadily shrinking twice every 4 years.

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