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For the book author, rewrites, or even multiple rewrites, are just a fact of the writing life, kind of like death and taxes. Some of the most famous and/or bestselling authors have written, and rewritten, a job five, or six times or more. But some authors take this willingness to rewrite too far. They spend years on a single book and still wind up getting an unpublishable manuscript, their ego’s and expects in tatters. I have often seen people rework a couple of chapters to death and never get any farther. It is important to place those chapters aside and proceed. For the most part, rewrites shouldn’t be attempted until you have written down as much of this story as possible. The majority of us get new ideas while writing and the story can take off in unforeseen directions. You are never going to get to this point if you confine yourself to the first couple of chapters. So write through the story, then do your cycle of rewrites and set asides.

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A decision has to be made. Perhaps, you have run out of ideas for enhancing the book and it is not as rich an experience as it could be, should be. Perhaps, it is time to take that you don’t yet have the storytelling i.e., technical skills to tell a tale how it ought to be. It is time to set it aside and proceed. If you create such a decision, do it with religion, not frustration. Don’t throw the manuscript aside, bury it beneath a heap of newspapers, or banish it to the nether regions of the hard disk. Know that you have done the best you can and you will go back to it, once the time is right.

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